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Distillation Column Replacement at W.R. Grace

Turner Industries completed a site-wide turnaround at W.R Grace in Norco, Louisiana. The critical path of the outage was a capital project to replace their 160 ft. mixed solvent distillation column. 

Turner put together an execution plan utilizing several of our divisions and service groups to deliver the project in a comprehensive, Seamless format in the requested timeframe. 

Location: Norco, Louisiana

turner services utilized

  • Maintenance & Turnaround Division: Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation 
  • Capital Projects Group: Planning, Scheduling, Civil, Mechanical 
  • Equipment, Rigging, Specialized Transportation Division: 330-ton LR1300 crawler & 110-ton hydraulic crane. 
  • SIPA Services: Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting 
  • Turner Specialty Service’s Inspection Group: API Inspection & NDE 
  • Turner Specialty Services Industrial Group: Hydro blasting & Vacuum Truck Services  

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