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EOEG-3 Turnaround at Shell Geismar

Acting as the main mechanical contractor, Turner Industries completed the EOEG-3 turnaround in October at Shell’s Geismar Chemical Facility site. This event marked the third time in 2019 that Turner provided turnaround services and Turner’s Equipment Division supplied the project’s heavy equipment.  

The turnaround work that Turner performed included planning, pipe prefabrication (551 welds), and project execution which involved 81 piping jobs, 66 RV’s, 47 control valves, 56 exchangers, and 2 reactors.  

The event lasted 20 maintenance days, and during that time we on-boarded an additional 148 non-nested resources for the project.  

Turner mobilized 14 cranes to complete the work as well as 17 crane operators who provided around-the-clock support. Turner’s Equipment Division provided rigging and lifting support and hauled two plate/ frame exchangers to Houston and back, for extensive repair.  

Location: Geismar, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • Total Event Hours: 92,000+ 
  • Turner Work Hours: 38,000 
  • Duration: 20 Days
  • OSHA Recordables: ZERO 

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