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Flare Extension Project at Sasol

Turner Industries completed a successful turnaround at Sasol in which the Ziegler Ground Flare Extension Project was a major milestone. 

Turner’s scope if work included the extension of existing group flare 35’ with new steel panels (including ceramic modules) in preparation for the new mega pipe rack routing.

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • Wall Panel Sizes: 
    • 70’ Long X 35’ Tall on north/south walls (Approximate weight: 5 tons each) 
    • 35’ Long X 35’ Tall on east/west walls (Approximate weight: 5 tons each)
    • Lower Support Steel: 6 tons 
  • Crane Used: 500-ton hydraulic Liebherr 
  • Rigging Support: 2, 15-ton cranes each – 2 winch trucks each  

The project was executed within the turnaround timeframe, with no injuries, accidents and within budget .

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