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Formosa-BTR PVC Expansion Project 

Formosa-BTR PVC Expansion Project 

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Contract Value: Over $5 million
  • Contract Type: Lump Sum 
  • Duration: 6 Months 
  • Percentage of Labor Self Performed: 98%  

Turner Industries safely and successfully completed a PVC expansion project at Formosa in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the facility’s Area 100 PVC Unit and 700 Cooling Tower. Multiple Turner Divisions were utilized during the project including: 

  • Small Capital Projects Group – general contractor 
  • Decatur, Alabama Operations – steel, MPS, pipe support shop fabrication 
  • Port Allen IPS Operations – shop pipe fabrication and paint 
  • SIPA Group – scaffold, insulation, and touchup paint services onsite 
  • Turner Specialty Services Group– field testing services (RT & PMI) 
  • Equipment, Rigging, and Specialized Transportation Division – 30- & 60-ton cranes, trucks, trailers, rigging equipment 

project quick facts

  • Site Preparation/Excavation: Minimal, closure welds to underground pipe  
  • Civil: Elevated concrete floor, pump pedestal prepping, etc. 
  • Structural Steel: Over 50 tons of steel erected on expanded PVC Unit 
  • Equipment: Over 15 pumps, 2 skids, 4 vessels, 1 tank, misc. screens, filters, hoopers
  • Hydro Testing: More than 6000’ of pipe tested 
  • Painting: Shop and touchup consisting of 4500’ 
  • Insulation: Consisting of cryogel and poly types for piping 4000’ and several equipment units 
  • Scaffolding: Erected and dismantled 2 truckloads of materials for 5 months in various areas 
  • Piping: Carbon, stainless 304 & 316, low temp carbon, and jacketed pipe of over 6000’ 

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