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Honeywell UOP 2020 Fall Outage

Turner Specialty Services completed an outage with Honeywell UOP in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Honeywell UOP 2020 Fall Outage was the first time UOP, and Turner worked together to complete a turnaround. 

The scope included mechanical work and pipefitting/welding. A total of 22 welds, including repairs, were completed with a 100% weld acceptance rate. Turner also provided a selection of its standardized practices such as detailed packaging, weld reports, and NDE services. 

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • Peak Headcount: 500
  • Total Work Hours Expended: 2,040 
  • Duration:  5 Days 
  • Services Included: Mechanical work, pipefitting/welding, NDE & inspection 
  • Weld Acceptance Rate: 100% 
  • Number of Recordables: Zero 

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