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Massive Tower Restoration  

Turner Industries’ SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement) group completed a large tower project at the Olin Chlor-Alkali facility in Freeport, Texas.

Location: Freeport, Texas

the project scope consisted of

  • Erecting a wrap-around scaffold around the entire tower
  • Removing all insulation 
  • Sandblasting, recoating, and reinsulating the entire tower  

project quick facts

  • Full Wrap-Around Engineered Scaffold with Stairways 
  • 9,070 Pieces of Scaffold Material
  • 8,414 Vertical Leg Footage 
  • 32 Wrap-Around Platforms 
  • 1,800 Square Feet of Tower Sandblasted and Coated 
  • 5,200 Square Feet of Tower Stripped and Reinsulated (100%) 
  • 6,521 Total Workhours  

The project was completed within schedule and OSHA recordable free. 

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