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Methanex G-2 Turnaround

methanex g-2 turnaround

Geismar, Louisiana

After the completion of a major mechanical turnaround in 2019, Methanex Corporation once again chose Turner Industries as the main contractor to perform repairs and maintenance at its Geismar, Louisiana plant.

Services performed by Turner Industries, supported by Turner Specialty Services, included bolt torquing work, pipe welding, and drone inspections. Turner’s work on the project exceeded 90,000 workhours, of which 36,000 were direct turnaround hours.

The turnaround was completed on time and under budget.

project quick facts

  • Duration: 25 Days
  • Peak Headcount: 300
  • Workhours Including Pre-Turnaround Work: 90,000
  • Direct Turnaround Hours: 36,000

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