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Olin Plaquemine Turnaround

Plaquemine, Louisiana

Contract Value: $25,000,000
Contract Type: Mechanical
March 12, 2018 – April 13, 2018

Olin’s Plaquemine 2018 Turnaround affected all lines of business at the site and was a complete shutdown of the Caustic & Solvents Units, as well as half of the Chlorine unit.  This event was the first time that the entire Chlor Alkali side of the Plaquemine facility had been in Turnaround status since the 1980’s and for the majority of the equipment serviced, it was Olin’s first inspection opportunity since the acquisition of these assets. 

Turner’s scope for the Olin Plaquemine 2018 Turnaround included mechanical, specialized welding, scaffolding, paint, insulation, abatement, industrial cleaning, pipe fabrication, and bundle extraction services in addition to planning, event management, and project controls. 

project quick facts

  • Opened, cleaned, and inspected 89 pressure vessels. 
  • Offsite fabrication of approximately 40% of piping to be installed during the event. 
  • Completed a variety of carbon steel and alloy welding totaling 747 welds at a 97% acceptance rate. 
  • Erected 878 scaffolds in advance of the event. 
  • Blasted and painted approximately 15,000 square feet of steel. 
  • Installed approximately 26,000 linear feet of cold service insulation. 
  • Planned and sequenced the labor, materials, and equipment for the 883 turnaround jobs. 
  • 1,010 Employees at Peak Manpower 
  • Workhours: 325,000 
  • OSHA Recordables: ZERO 

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