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On-site Fabrication Services Generate Major Cost Savings to Olin Freeport

Freeport, Texas

In 2019, Olin’s Epoxy-2 Work Area Coordinator, Brent Digby, set out to reduce Olin’s costs by performing pipe fabrication services with the Turner maintenance resources assigned to his area. The concept worked and to date, has delivered hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings and even greater value in synergies created.

A group of nine Turner employees service all the Olin Epoxy business unit’s fabrication and welding needs, as well as meet the demands of small outages and pit stops, all with a very high success rate. This Olin / Turner partnership has implemented a strong and efficient work process that has allowed the team to achieve high productivity while maintaining an impeccable safety record (zero injuries and zero incidents).


Turner’s sketching crew keeps a close working relationship with the area engineers and technical advisors. They ensure the pipe spool drawings are complete and accurate.


This team works hand in hand with sketching crew and QAQC to ensure all work is performed accurately and meets all quality standards.


Turner’s quality control team works closely with the welders, pipe fitters, sketchers, and the Olin coordinator. Their attention to detail and drive to stay ahead of jobs has resulted in zero downtime due to quality control.


Paint needs are met by Turner’s offsite paint shop. This teams’ promptness to provide accurate quotes and execution of jobs has shown that Turner’s paint department is an essential part of the fabrication process.

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