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OXEA 2019 BUOH Spring Turnaround

Originally set up to be a multi-contractor event, Turner Industries’ “One Solution” approach proved to be a more efficient, cost-effective way to perform the event. 

Location: Bay City, Texas

The scope of work included work on towers, drums, vessels, exchangers, pipes, and valves. 

  • Turner Specialty Services (TSS), which provided catalyst services, hydro blasting, vacuum trucks, bundle extraction and drone services. 
  • Turner’s SIPA Group, which provided scaffolding, insulation, and painting services  
  • Turner Specialized Welding Services, which provided alloy welders and pipe fitters. 
  • Turner’s Pasadena, Texas Pipe Fabrication Facility, which assisted with pipe fabrication. 
  • Turner’s Crane and Rigging Group which provided all cranes from 100 tons down to the 6 ton carry-deck. 

project quick facts

  • Peak Headcount: 450 
  • Workhours: 160,000 
  • OSHA Recordables: ZERO 

The turnaround was completed on schedule with zero OSHA recordables. 

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