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Rope Access Team Stands by During Freeze

In late December 2022, Turner Specialty Services’ mechanical rope access team was called upon to stand by at S.E. Tylose in Plaquemine due to anticipated freezing temperatures. The goal was to rapidly repair any leaks and minimize operational downtime while safeguarding over 330 feet of critical plant process lines. 

The client chose rope access services over traditional scaffolding, enabling work at various angles without the need for multiple scaffolds. This approach proved more cost-effective and time-efficient, eliminating delays caused by scaffold erection.

Plant Engineer Nick Juneau praised Turner’s rope access team, stating, “They took the time to comprehend the work scope during the planning process and successfully executed the job by meticulously preparing for every possible rigging aspect. The job was better performed through rope access than with traditional methods. We will keep Turner Specialty Services in mind for future work opportunities.”

Turner Rope Access Operations Manager Nathon Williams highlighted the team’s efficiency and safety, saying, “Our rope access teams safely rigged over 30 pipe sections for gasket repairs, pulling blinds and wrapping leaking sections of piping. The time saved through quick, safe access to the affected areas saved the plant days of downtime.”

The project was completed under budget, showcasing Turner’s innovative work methods as an effective alternative to traditional scaffolding for certain applications. This value-added approach has solidified Turner’s reputation as a leader among service providers.

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