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SIPA Group – Corpus Christi

sipa group completes largest turnaround to date

Corpus Christi, Texas

In October of 2020, Turner Industries’ SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement) group began work for the scheduled January 2021 turnaround on the ALKY and FCCU Units.

Pre-turnaround work consisted of insulating the new reactor to replace the current one in the FCCU along with scaffolding and lead abatement services to prepare for piping removal and install.

The scaffolding team was tasked with one engineered scaffold measuring 40’L X 25’W X 145’H along with two other engineered scaffolds for shoring.

The actual Turnaround began on January 14, 2021 and was completed on February 24, 2021.

project quick facts

  • Total Duration: 26 Weeks
  • Peak TA Time: 4 Weeks
  • OSHA Recordables: ZERO
  • Incidents: ZERO

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