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Solugen Awards Turner Industries with Nested Maintenance Contract

Solugen specializes in the production of sustainable chemicals using bio-based manufacturing methods, and its proprietary technology platform combines biology and chemistry to produce high-performance chemicals from plant sugars. In 2021, Solugen opened the world’s first carbon-negative molecule factory in Houston, and Turner Industries started working at the site last year. 

Turner’s first work for Solugen in Houston included a small civil project, which involved demoing a concrete wall and building a concrete support base for new pumps being added to the site. Solugen was so pleased with Turner’s performance on the project that they awarded Turner a nested maintenance contract. 

In December 2022, our nested maintenance contract with Solugen began. Since then, we’ve supported the site with crane and rigging during its outage, and provided scaffolding, insulation, painting, hydro blasting, and tank inspection services.

Esteban Cavazos, site superintendent for Turner Industries

Turner is also assisting Solugen with its safety efforts. With the site only being a couple years old, Turner and Solugen are working together to build and maintain a culture of safety excellence.  

We’ve brought our safety best practices to the site such as lockout tagout, confined space entry, job safety analysis, etc. Since day one, Solugen has embraced our safety best practices, and we’ll continue to provide our expertise to help ensure the safety of each employee. 

Gregory Stephens, operations manager for Turner Industries

Solugen’s products are bio-based alternatives to petroleum-derived chemicals used in the production of consumer goods such as cosmetics, water treatment, agriculture, and plastics. Turner supports Solugen’s mission of creating a cleaner, more sustainable future by providing the industry with affordable, high-quality bio-based chemicals.

“The relationship between Turner and Solugen is off to a great start,” Stephens said. “As this site continues to grow, we’re excited to see what the future has in store.”

Turner Industries employees started working at Solugen’s carbon-negative molecule factory in Houston last year. From left (front row) are Oliver Gonzales, Esteban Cavazos, Nathaniel Bell, and Israel Saucedo. From left (back row) are Brijido Ysquierdo and Kevin Bell.

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