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Texas Brine Company LLC – 3,600 GPM Plant Expansion

Texas Brine Company LLC – 3,600 GPM Plant Expansion

Location: White Castle, Louisiana

  • Contract Value: $675,000.
  • Contract Type: Industrial
  • Workhours: 4,288
  • Duration: Foundation and piping demolition began June 2015 and construction was completed in early September 2015.
  • OSHA Recordables: 0
  • Percentage of Labor Self-Performed: 85%

turner self-performed

  • 33,657 Cubic Yards of Concrete
  • Civil: Demolition of 17 existing foundations, exploratory excavation, installation of 23 new structural steel and equipment foundations
  • Piping: Demolition of existing and erection of 59 new pipe spools, as well as 771 LF of HDPE and CPVC pipe.
  • Structural Steel: Demolition, modification of existing structures and erection of 10 tons of new structural steel, platforms, pipe supports and ladders.
  • Process Equipment: Assembly and erection of 2 new brine filters, setting of pumps and miscellaneous process equipment.

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