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Turner and OQ Chemicals Take Control: Safe Cooling Tower Demolition

Last summer, concerns arose when a decommissioned cooling tower in the tank farm at the OQ Chemicals’ facility in Bishop, Texas, showed signs of deterioration. With the hurricane season approaching, it became evident that the tower needed to be demolished to avert potential risks. The primary concern was the possibility that a severe storm could cause the cooling tower to collapse, jeopardizing the adjacent towers and potentially causing additional substantial damage and safety hazards.

The OQ Chemicals demolition project was put out for proposal and subsequently awarded to a third-party contractor. However, before the demolition process could begin, substantial preparation work had to be completed. The on-site maintenance team, which consists of both OQ Chemicals and Turner personnel, began preparing the tower. This included the removal of utilities, bridges, water supply mechanisms, and motor cowling. 

After several weeks of focused preparation, the on-site maintenance team grew confident in its ability to safely complete the demolition without external contractors. Together, members of the OQ Chemicals and Turner maintenance teams meticulously and methodically demolished the tower without the need for external contractors.

The success of this project not only strengthens the safety of our infrastructure but it also serves as a testament to the exceptional skills and initiative of our team. This was a proactive solution that addressed safety risks. OQ Chemicals is proud to have partners who share our commitment to safety and exemplify the true essence of effective leadership through collaboration.

OQ Chemicals Site Manager Raymond Sweeney

Each member of the maintenance team played a critical role in ensuring the success of this project and the safety of everyone involved. Our combined efforts with Turner not only brought down a physical structure but also raised our standards of performance.

OQ Chemicals Maintenance Team Lead Marcus Rubio

Kudos to all the Turner and OQ Chemicals team members who helped make this project a success including:

Turner Site Manager – Israel Torres 

Turner Maintenance Team – Gerardo Alvarez (Project Lead), Raymond Salazar, Daniel Rubio, Jose Torres, Dino Lerma, Carlos Chavez, Juan Trevino, and Ernesto Trevino 

OQ Chemicals Site Manager – Raymond Sweeney 

OQ Chemicals Maintenance Team Lead – Marcus Rubio 

OQ Chemicals Senior Reliability Specialist – Charles Saverline 

OQ Chemicals Maintenance – Clint Latimer (Project Lead), George Vela, Lindel Cannon, and Adrian Contreras 

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