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Turner Completes Several Small Cap Projects at Shell’s Houston Lubricants Plant  

Turner Completes Several Small Cap Projects at Shell’s Houston Lubricants Plant  

Location: Galena Park, Texas

Turner Industries recently completed multiple capital projects at Shell’s Houston Lubricants Plant in Galena Park, Texas. 

During these projects, Turner’s small cap group provided a turnkey solution using Turner’s many different service lines.  

  • Turner’s small cap group installed new foundations and tank farms, erected structural steel, installed piping and equipment, and managed multiple subcontractors.  
  • Turner’s fabrication group successfully fabricated all piping and structural steel using both the Pasadena, Texas, and Decatur, Alabama, shops.  
    Turner Specialty Services performed all NDE from PAUT, PT, and RT.  
  • Turner’s crane and rigging group supplied multiple cranes, operators, and riggers to set new tanks, structural steel, and other equipment.  
  • Scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement (SIPA) services also played a role to coat the piping and install insulation on the new piping. 
  • Given the different scopes on these projects, Turner utilized many different crafts, which included boilermakers, carpenters, crane operators, equipment operators, fire watch, helpers, insulators, iron workers, painters, pipefitters, riggers, and welders. 

project quick facts

The projects included new foundations, steel structures, and piping systems. 

  • 43,204 Hours Worked
  • 3,000 Linear Feet of Piping Installed  
  • 503 Field Welds (100% Acceptance Rate) 
  • 1,400 Cubic Yards of Concrete 
  • 52 Tons of Structural Steel Erected 
  • 20 New Tanks Set
  • Zero OSHA Recordables 

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