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Turner Industries: A Leader in Safety Performance at Kaneka in Texas

With approximately 60 full-time employees on-site, Turner Industries has now gone over 18 months without an OSHA recordable incident at the Kaneka site in Pasadena, Texas. Turner is also taking a leadership role at the site’s newly formed contractor safety committee.

Turner has been working at Kaneka in Texas since 2004, providing nested mechanical maintenance services such as I&E, boilermaking, pipefitting, millwright work, and welding. Turner is also providing around-the-clock packaging support and other miscellaneous “outside” services, including in-and-out piping, industrial cleaning, and inspection services.

“Turner looks forward to continuing its long-standing partnership with Kaneka in Texas, delivering reliable maintenance and packaging support services while maintaining a strong focus on safety,” said Keith Myers, operations manager for Turner Industries.

Kaneka deeply values the strong partnership established with Turner, recognizing their unwavering dedication to safety excellence. As we strive to accomplish Kaneka’s vision of ‘Improving the World In Which We Live,’ we rely on trusted allies who collaborate closely with us to uphold the utmost safety and reliability standards within our facilities. We commend Turner for their instrumental role in attaining successful outcomes.

Omar Chapa, VP of Manufacturing and Site Manager, Kaneka North America—Pasadena Site

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