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Turner Industries: A Trusted Partner for Safety and Innovation at Marathon GBR

Turner Industries has been a trusted partner of Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s Galveston Bay Refinery (GBR) for nine years, providing a wide range of services, including rope access; general mechanical, civil, and warehouse support; and specialized welding, industrial cleaning, and environmental services. With over 245 employees on site, Turner remains committed to safety and innovation and has a proven track record of success at Marathon GBR.

Earlier this year, Turner started providing rope access services, which has helped to streamline operations and improve safety. For example, Turner assisted with post-turnaround operations that required zero scaffolds. Turner was also requested by Marathon to help streamline a process for steam piping repairs throughout the entire plant.

Turner’s safety performance at Marathon GBR has been excellent, earning the Marathon Safety Excellence Award in 2022. Turner manages safety by continuously engaging with employees on site and following key safety practices such as stop work authority, conducting one-on-one meetings, and implementing a mentorship program. Turner also utilizes Turner Tablet Applications™ on site for JSAs, sensitive equipment checklists, and timesheets.

With over 245 employees on site, Turner Industries has been a trusted partner of Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s Galveston Bay Refinery for almost a decade.

It’s amazing to see how many Turner employees are dedicated to Marathon GBR and have been here for years. This site is very busy, and a lot is asked from the team, but they always complete the work with a positive attitude. We’re like a family here, and we always have each other’s backs. We’re all committed to helping each other succeed, and we celebrate each other’s successes

Dustin Gordon, site manager for Turner at the Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery

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