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Turner Industries and Ascend Performance Materials Renew IFM Agreement

Turner Industries and Ascend Performance Materials have renewed their Integrated Field Management (IFM) agreement for an additional five years. This agreement encompasses maintenance, small capital projects, and turnarounds at Ascend’s facilities in Chocolate Bayou, Texas; Pensacola, Florida; Decatur, Alabama; and Foley, Alabama.

Turner has consistently provided Ascend with a fully consolidated nested workforce comprising mechanical, electrical, SIPA (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement), inspections, grounds, and various other services across the alliance. Turner’s headcount at Ascend has fluctuated between 300 and 550 nested full-time employees, adapting to the evolving needs of the business.

The success of the Ascend alliance is largely attributed to the contributions of Turner’s skilled personnel, versatility, and responsiveness. The alliance is currently led by project managers Brad Barton and Paul Perkins, along with site managers George Walder (Chocolate Bayou), Sidney Davis (Decatur), and Johnny McNair (Pensacola and Foley).

Turner is proud to extend its partnership with Ascend and looks forward to many more years of success. This agreement exemplifies the strong relationship that Turner and Ascend have built over the years, and we will continue to provide Ascend with the highest level of service, while maintaining our commitment to safety.

Caleb Lovell, vice president of operations—southeastern region for Turner Industries

We appreciate Turner’s consistent focus on adding value to our operations. Turner’s expertise has helped us focus on creating products that support new technologies and improve people’s quality of life.

Preston L. Howard, director — indirect procurement for Ascend Performance Materials

By providing the highest level of service to Ascend’s facilities and investing in the communities where its employees live and work, Turner Industries builds stronger partnerships and makes a positive impact.

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