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Turner Industries Assists DuPont in New Jersey During Unplanned Outage

In November 2022, Turner Industries received a request from DuPont in Parlin, New Jersey to assist in performing critical activities during an unplanned outage. During the outage, Turner performed an extruder change out. Originally planned as a repair job, the extruder ended up needing to be pulled and replaced once the magnitude of repairs was determined.

Leading from the front, Turner Superintendent Edgardo Zavala and his team executed the work flawlessly. Shortly after the first of the year, Turner was then requested to mobilize a nested team of four employees to perform mechanical maintenance services.

Remote markets require reliance on digital reporting and Turner Tablet Applications™ alongside the monthly maintenance KPI dashboard. This has allowed us to provide detailed data and visibility.

Turner Project Manager Adam Brittain
From left to right are Turner Industries’ Luis Marrero and Ernesto de Leon at the Dupont Site in Parlin, New Jersey. 

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