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Turner Industries Builds Module for Sustainable Polystyrene Production

Turner Industries’ modular fabrication group, in collaboration with Agilyx and Toyo Styrene, has successfully completed the construction of a module that will play a pivotal role in the transformation of post-use polystyrene by converting waste polystyrene into purified styrene monomer, ultimately producing high-value polystyrene products with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to those made with virgin monomer. 

Under contract from Toyo Styrene, Agilyx designed the module, while Turner’s modular fabrication group took charge of its construction. The module was assembled at Turner’s modular yard in Port Allen, Louisiana. Comprised of six main skids, a cooling screw, a sophisticated reactor, and a char bin system for efficient product movement, this module aids to revolutionize the polystyrene recycling industry, paving the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to polystyrene production. 

With a tight deadline of only nine weeks to receive materials, install the steel, pipe, electrical and instrumentation, perform required testing, and devise an efficient plan for disassembly and shipment using eight shipping containers, the modular fabrication group went to work. Turner Construction Supervisor Eric Fruchtnicht commended the modular facility crews led by Red Fogleman stating, “The crews at our modular facility did what they do best — providing top-notch services and solutions, even under the most demanding schedule.” 

This summer, Eric will travel to Chiba, Japan to lend his expertise and guide the reassembly process for the module. This crucial step ensures that the module seamlessly integrates into the recycling plant. 

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