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Turner Industries Completes Utility Excavation Work for OQ Chemicals

At OQ Chemicals’ manufacturing site in Bay City, Texas, Turner Industries’ civil construction group recently completed a complex utility excavation project. OQ needed to expand its raw water system on site due to an increase in chemical production, and the “Raw Water Project” involved the installation of a new 24-inch high-density polyethylene (HDPE) raw water distribution line from the site’s reservoir to a header on the opposite side of the Utilities Water Treater Unit.

The installation of the new underground piping was designed to include deep open cut excavations, which Turner was able to successfully eliminate via detailed planning and coordination with OQ’s operations team. Turner and OQ collaborated to develop a creative solution to a risk caused by the existing silt in the reservoir threatening to inundate the new raw water line once the temporary sheet piles were pulled. The solution involved underwater diving activities inside the reservoir to remove some of the top parts of the sheet piling installed by Turner to create a stilling well to hold back the silt.

The daily execution by Turner on this project was phenomenal. Turner’s performance was not only outstanding, but their overall quality and attention to detail was also exemplary.

OQ Construction Manager Chris Johnson

It took Turner a little over three months to complete the work, and Ed Walker served as the project manager. Walker and his team—with more than 100 years of combined industry experience—completed the project safely, on schedule, and under budget. 

According to Walker, the cornerstone of this project’s success was the civil group’s “112% mentality.” Each employee is expected to give 112% every day, and the team displays its 112% hard hat stickers with pride. Having this mindset to always go above and beyond is a main reason why Turner’s civil group continues to successfully execute projects throughout the Gulf South region. 

“Turner has been invited back by OQ to perform more construction work in Bay City, which is further proof of their commitment to client satisfaction,” Walker said. “When a customer invites you back to perform more work, that’s when you know you did a good job.”


  • 2,653 Linear Feet of
  • Underground HDPE Piping
  • 160 Cubic Yards of Concrete
  • 3.3 Tons of Rebar
  • 14 Weeks to Complete
  • ZERO OSHA Recordables

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