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Turner Industries Employees Participate in Shell HLP’s Operator Care Workshop

Turner Industries employees recently participated in Shell’s Operator Care workshop at the Shell Houston Lubricants Plant (HLP). Operator Care is a collaborative and sustainable standard used by Shell to keep a production line clean and defect-free and to ensure the line runs efficiently. 

Turner Industries employees helped perform a deep cleaning of Gallon Line 2. These employees learned the importance of having a clean and stable line to keep production flowing, which also helps reduce downtime. 

Since 2016, Turner has assisted Shell HLP with liquid bottle packaging and bulk packaging of drums and totes. Today, Turner has 90 employees working at Shell HLP who help package oil products such as Rotella, Pennzoil, and Quaker State. These Turner employees perform various jobs to help Shell operate approximately 15 production lines as well as provide forklift operations in the Shell HLP warehouse. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, the standards and work instructions were established to keep Gallon Line 2 in its improved condition. Shell is now training all personnel at the facility on the new Operator Care tasks and embedding these tasks into the day-to-day work for all lines. 

Turner’s packaging team helped play a big part in getting the line where it needed to be and is currently helping to sustain it. Thanks to the Turner employees for all their help and their continuous commitment to our Operator Care program.

Bhala Kanade, Shell HLP Assistant Plant Manager

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