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Turner Industries Helps Indorama Port Neches with ‘Critical Situation’

Port Neches, Texas

When Indorama Ventures reached out to Turner Industries with a critical need, Turner answered the call with a successful solution.

The job at Indorama’s site in Port Neches, Texas entailed a complicated six tubular reactor catalyst change out amidst a five-unit outage. It was no small task, but ultimately successful due to the tenure of Turner’s team. The 72,000-work-hour scope consisted of 34 activities in each reactor for catalyst removal, abrasive blasting, inspection, and simultaneous catalyst loading of the combined 46,998 tubes.

Project and site management pulled “triple-duty” from April to early June acting as liaisons for Turner’s turnaround services group, assisted with the five-unit outage and managed the catalyst change while overseeing Turner’s maintenance program at Indorama.

“When Indorama needed us to drill out 457 tubes with packed catalyst in the No. 5 reactor, I knew it was going to be a challenge and dramatically impact the critical path of the turnaround,” said Turner Operations Manager Colby Plaia. “But the team met that challenge head-on and worked through it to be successful. I’m so proud of our Turner team at this site.”

“The catalyst change on this unit was our critical path activity,” said Indorama Port Neches Operations Site Director Kim Hoyt. “ Reese Forse and his team were able to quickly respond to our need and arrange for both the staffing and the equipment necessary to complete the work within our outage window.  We have built a great working relationship with Turner, so we had confidence the Turner team could perform the work safely and within our timeline. We really appreciate the Turner team stepping up and helping us out of a critical situation.”

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