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Turner Industries Performs Turnaround Services at Two Dow Louisiana Sites

Turner’s Turnaround services group and its specialized welding services group completed two hydrocarbon turnarounds at the Dow linear alpha olefin’s facility in Plaquemine, Louisiana.  

  • Both Turnarounds had a 56- day window of executing all work. Both events were completed on schedule with zero safety incidents. 

Turner’s turnaround services group also completed a 36-day turnaround at Dow’s St. Charles Operations (SCO) in Hahnville. 

  • Turner provided a workforce consisting of boilermakers, welders, pipefitters, laborers, and hole/fire watchers. 
  • The turnaround was completed on time and under budget. 

Location: Multiple Sites in Louisiana

turnaround quick facts

  • Aromatics Turnaround
    • Value: $9 Million
    • Hours Worked: 102,500
    • Peak Headcount: 220
    • Work Packages: 250 
    • Welds: 1,341 
  • LCH II Turnaround
    • Value: $9.4 Million
    • Hours Worked: 89,400
    • Peak Headcount: 204
    • Work Packages: 182
    • Welds: 653
  • Dow’s St. Charles Operations
    • Value: $10.2 Million
    • Hours Worked: 112,175
    • Peak Headcount: 325
    • Work Packages: 1,089
    • Welds: 517
    • Flange Mark-Ups: 4,600+

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