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Turner Industries Signs Maintenance Agreement with Harvest Midstream at Belle Chasse Terminal

Turner Industries has signed a master service agreement with Harvest Midstream for maintenance services at the Belle Chasse Terminal, formerly the Alliance Refinery located in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. 

Turner has had a nested presence at the facility since 2010 and has consistently demonstrated its expertise, providing critical maintenance solutions. Turner’s personnel have also shown an exceptional work ethic, strict safety measures, and a strong attention to detail—all main reasons why the contract was retained under the new ownership.  

Our ability to execute complex maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively has earned the trust and confidence from Harvest Midstream. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership with Harvest.

Turner Project Manager Eddie Hymel III
Turner Industries has signed a new maintenance services contract with Harvest Midstream at the Belle Chasse Terminal. From left to right are Mark Graffeo, Victor Blouin, John Lanier III, John Lanier Jr., Fred Manchack, Joe Berry, and Shaun Jones. 

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