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Turner Industries Successfully Replaces 127,092-Pound Tank

Turner Industries’ equipment and rigging group was able to safely replace a 127,092-pound tank for a client in the Houston area, despite the challenge of limited crane access from one side and a railcar loading dock located only 36 feet away. The team, led by veteran operator and assembly director Tracy Johnson, spent several months meticulously planning and laying out the TC-4000 crane to identify the only spot that would allow a safe lift of the tank and allow for the 800-ton crane with an outrigger spread of 63 feet.

In January of 2023, the Turner team assembled the TC-4000 according to plan, which had two of the outriggers located underneath a live pipe rack, within inches of two support columns, and the tail swing of the crane in spots having clearances of less than 3 inches. 

The project also involved removing overhead obstructions and completing lift plans, but the team was able to assemble the crane ahead of schedule and complete the tank replacement on time with zero incidents.

Turner employee Tracy Johnson was hospitalized after planning the project, and we ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Tracy’s work ethic and expertise in the crane and rigging industry are an integral part of Turner’s commitment to providing safe and effective solutions for our clients.

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