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Turner Receives Contractor of the Year Award from Constellium Muscle Shoals

Constellium Muscle Shoals’ aluminum manufacturing operation in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, recently presented Turner Industries with the Contractor of the Year Award. According to Constellium Muscle Shoals, Turner received the award for “surpassing expectations and continually providing excellence in service, quality, and innovation.” 

Turner began working at the site in December 2021, completing a gearbox rebuild job for a cold mill five-stand pinion rebuild. Following this work, Constellium requested Turner’s services for an extended period, which has led to an ongoing partnership at the Muscle Shoals facility.

Today, at Constellium Muscle Shoals, Turner provides a range of services, including mechanical, electrical, and pipe fabrication. Additionally, Turner Specialty Services has been providing tank inspection services, and Turner’s civil group has undertaken foundation and pump base repairs.

Our success at this site can be attributed to several factors. We prioritize excellent communication and consistently deliver high-quality work safely. Moreover, our ability to provide reliable resources, even on short notice, has played a crucial role in our success. We’ve also introduced Turner Tablet Applications™ to enhance efficiencies.

Robert “Doug” Farmer, a superintendent for Turner’s southeastern field services group

Turner Industries stands out for their exceptional support and ownership of every situation they’re a part of. From regular operations to urgent responses, their site management team is top-notch. They listen, adapt, and maintain an excellent relationship.

Brian Crittenden, central controls and scheduling manager for Constellium

Currently, Turner has more than 45 employees at Constellium Muscle Shoals, consisting of millwrights, welders, pipefitters, electricians, and laborers.

Turner Industries employees who work at Constellium Muscle Shoals proudly display the Contractor of the Year Award.

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