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Turner’s GOMO Facility Ships Offshore Wind Blade Racks

Turner Industries’ Gulf of Mexico Operations (GOMO) facility in New Iberia, Louisiana, has completed and successfully shipped the first set of wind blade racks, which are being delivered via barge to the Northeast. These racks will house offshore wind blades and are another example of Turner’s extensive portfolio of renewable energy projects. 

When Turner opened the GOMO facility in 2021, it expanded the company’s fabrication capacity and made Turner the industry’s most capable module fabrication contractor. The site’s direct access to deep water and major interstates also means modules can be efficiently shipped across the country and offshore—allowing for upstream, midstream, downstream, and subsea fabrication.

  • Acres: 95-Acre Stabilized Fabrication Yard 
  • Dock: 420-Foot Primary Dock Capable of Accommodating 100-Foot-by-400-Foot Barges 
  • Water Depth: 12 Feet of Water Depth to Open Water 
  • Load Out: 6,000-Ton Load Out Capability 
  • Fabrication Space: Combined 90,000 Square Feet of Indoor Fabrication Space 
  • Storage Space: 30,000 Square Feet of Indoor Storage Facilities 
  • Large Shop Cranes: Large Fabrication Shop Consists of Eight 20-Ton Overhead Cranes with 70-Foot Hook Height​  
  • Small Shop Cranes: Small Fabrication Shop Consists of Two Bays with Four 10-Ton and Four 5-Ton Overhead Cranes

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