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Turner’s Paris Pipe Fabrication Shop Helps Keep the Water Flowing in Austin, Texas Area

Turner Industries’ pipe fabrication team in Paris, Texas recently partnered with AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe to complete grout port installations for a raw water delivery infrastructure project. Each spiral welded pipe, measuring 80.25″ OD by 0.574″ wall thickness and weighing 15,500 pounds, spanned 25 feet in length. The pipes were lined with a 0.500″ thick mortar and featured a polyurethane coating.

All 110 pipe sections were safely transported to the Turner fabrication plant and staged for fabrication. Meticulous attention was given to the removal of mortar and polyurethane to ensure the successful installation of grout ports, allowing the final product to facilitate water transportation in the Austin, Texas area for many decades to come.

Turner’s fabrication shop in Paris boasts exceptional capabilities for handling diverse projects. With 375 acres and 450,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space under one roof, as well as a 100-ton crane capacity, seven fabrication bays, and induction bending capabilities of up to 54″ OD, Turner’s Paris shop is fully equipped to respond to our clients’ needs.

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