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WOEF Flare Project at Shell Norco  

Turner Industries’ SPIA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement) group worked incident and injury-free installing and removing scaffolding, insulation, and paint on the WOEF Flare Project at Shell Norco.  

Location: Norco, Louisiana

  • Scaffold employees worked 4,375 hours OSHA recordable free, installing and dismantling 20,500 pieces of scaffold material, which was handled 225,000 times with ZERO dropped objects
  • Painting and insulation employees worked 1,900 hours OSHA recordable free
  • Painter blasted and coated 1,250 linear feet of piping
  • The insulation group had 900 linear feet of insulation stripped and reinstalled and 1,050 linear feet of metal stripped and reinstalled incident free.

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