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Turner Industries Receives Multiple Awards for Safety Excellence


HOUSTON — At the recent 36th Annual Houston Safety Excellence Awards, Turner Industries was honored with the Newcomer of the Year and Best in Class awards for the Crane & Rigging category, as well as a Gold award in the General Contractor Large category.

The Houston Safety Excellence Awards, a prestigious recognition program sponsored by the Houston Business Roundtable and the Health and Safety Council, are designed to acknowledge and honor outstanding safety performance among contract companies and their partners operating in the Greater Houston Area.

The primary objective of the Houston Safety Excellence Awards is to promote and enhance on-site safety practices, ultimately reducing accidents and injuries to personnel within the chemical, refining, and energy industries. To be eligible for these awards, contractors must first be nominated by users of their services. Nominees then undergo a rigorous evaluation process, consisting of a thorough analysis of safety data and a field evaluation to verify the effectiveness of their safety programs.

“Turner Industries is honored to receive these Houston Safety Excellence Awards, which are a result of the diligence and dedication of each Turner employee,” said Stephen Toups, CEO of Turner Industries. “It’s also an honor to be part of this awards ceremony that serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the companies demonstrating exemplary safety performance and a commitment to continuous improvement in safety practices. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners.”

About the Houston Safety Excellence Awards 

The Houston Safety Excellence Awards program plays a vital role in elevating safety standards, fostering collaboration, and encouraging the sharing of best practices within the Greater Houston Area’s industrial sectors. The program fosters a cooperative and collaborative environment, bringing together industry companies and contract companies to share and learn from each other’s best safety practices.

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About Turner Industries

For over 60 years, Turner Industries has provided turnkey industrial services and solutions to the companies that produce, fuel, energy, and the materials essential to modern life. We offer a “ONE Solution for Your Success” approach for heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnarounds, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services.

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