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Turner Industries and Methanex Promote Safety While Supporting Mental Health


Turner Industries and Methanex’s Geismar, Louisiana site raised $48,000 for Volunteers of America South Central Louisiana (VOASCLA). The funds—raised through a recent Safe Days campaign held on the site—will support mental health services in Ascension Parish.

The Safe Days campaign took place during Methanex’s G1 Turnaround, where Turner acted as the general mechanical contractor. Turner provided mechanical and welding services through our Specialized Welding Services (SWS), soft-craft services through our SIPA group (scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement), and industrial cleaning and inspection services through Turner Specialty Services (TSS). During the G1 Turnaround, Turner worked over 125,000 hours with a peak headcount of 300 employees with zero OSHA recordables.

Turner proudly supports Methanex’s goal of being a zero-injury workplace while also giving back to the community.

From left are Rodney Landry, vice president of Turner’s Maintenance and Turnarounds Division/Specialized Welding Services; Rawle Ramlochan, plant manager of Methanex’s Geismar, Louisiana site; Alejandro Munoz, maintenance manager of Methanex’s Geismar, Louisiana site; and Robert Chandler, senior vice president of Turner’s Maintenance and Turnarounds Division/Specialized Welding Services.

“We chose to donate the funds raised from our Safe Days campaign to Volunteers of America because many people in our community have dealt with mental health challenges in the wake of the pandemic,” said Meg Mahoney, stakeholder relations manager at Methanex. “VOASCLA’s housing and homeless services, mobile outreach unit, and counseling services have provided invaluable support to the people in our area. We are proud of our employees and contractors for their unwavering commitment to safety, and we are pleased to be able to give back to the community through this organization.”

During the Safe Days campaign, for every safe and injury-free day reached, Methanex and Turner donated $750 to VOASCLA, and another contractor contributed a $5,000 donation. In total, $53,000 was raised between Methanex and its contractors. VOASCLA President and CEO David Kneipp and Vice President of Development Shannon Abney were presented with a check at a recent appreciation event for employees who took part in the Safe Days campaign.

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