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Turner Industries Sponsors Inaugural McFaddin Beach Cleanup


Turner Industries sponsored and participated in the Coastal Conservation Association’s (CCA’s) inaugural McFaddin Beach Cleanup in Sabine Pass, Texas. CCA’s Golden Triangle Chapter, chaired by Turner Industries Beaumont Operations Manager Colby Plaia, spent months preparing for the event and navigating the permitting process, allowing access to the beachfront, sand dunes and protected vegetation throughout the area.

More than 100 attendees combed several miles of beach and removed more than 30 cubic yards of waste from the environment. The beach cleanup included volunteers from Turner Industries, ExxonMobil Beaumont’s Environmental Awareness and Sustainability
Team, Motiva Enterprises, Golden Pass LNG, and Jefferson County— including Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick.

Turner donated the required PPE and trash bags and facilitated the on-site waste collection and disposal following the event.

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