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Olin Freeport Acknowledges Turner Employees for Stop Work Authority


As a proven tool in helping achieve Goal Zero, the Stop Work Authority (SWA) program is one of the most successful approaches in establishing an effective safety culture. The use of SWA has become a fundamental safety initiative for Turner at the Olin Freeport, Texas site. The use of the SWA program is not only a core value to Turner employees, but it has also been fully embraced by Olin Freeport’s site leadership. Olin Freeport Maintenance Director Al Cagle showed appreciation for several Turner work groups by treating them to lunch for their involvement and contributions to the SWA program.

The Stop Work Authority program creates a culture where every employee feels empowered to intervene when necessary. It has become an integral part of our daily operations, and thanks to Turner for continuing to foster a culture where safety takes precedence.

Olin Freeport Health, Safety, and Security Leader Tim Garza

In my mind, there is nothing more courageous than when a person looks at a situation and says ‘No.’ It takes confidence in yourself, confidence in the leadership supporting you, and confidence in your teammates to pull that trigger and stop work when you suspect something is not right. I continue to be impressed at the quality of Turner’s team on stopping work and bringing attention TO places that need further review and understanding before proceeding. It saves everyone from injury and I truly am appreciative.

Olin Freeport Site Maintenance Director Al Cagle

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