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Massive Scale Pipe Fabrication Project for Bechtel and Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals

Turner Industries’ Port Allen pipe fabrication facility completed a 2,751-spool project for Bechtel and Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals. 

The project was a collaborative effort between Turner’s fabrication facility, coatings facility, modular facility, and Equipment, Rigging, and Specialized Transportation Division. 

Location: Port Allen, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • 2,751 Spools Fabricated 
  • 152 of the spools ranged in diameter from 52 inches (OD) through 120 inches (OD) and collectively weighed 1,617 tons
  • The largest spool was 120 inches (OD) and weighed 197,000 lbs. 
  • The longest spool was 80 inches (OD) and 127 feet long
  • A 5-piece mitered elbow completely fabricated by the shop from 114” diameter pipe was also required on the project
  • 14 of the spools were so large they had to be shipped to their final destination
  • OSHA Recordables: ZERO 

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