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Modular Work with ExxonMobil 

Modular Work with ExxonMobil 

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

As the general construction contractor, Turner Industries realized early in the constructability process that the ExxonMobil Polypropylene Growth Project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was well suited to utilize our local module fabrication facility in Port Allen for parts of the project – saving the owner time and money, as well as ensuring safe execution of the work. 

A total of six pipe rack modules consisting of 215 tons of steel, 689 spools totaling over 13,500 linear feet, and 2,305 linear feet of cable tray were fabricated. Turner commissioned the help of our crane and rigging group to transport the modules on self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) via barge to the site and set them. Once offloaded from the barge, five modules were driven straight to their location and lowered on pedestals, while the final module was lifted into place. 

project quick facts

  • Six Pipe Modules were Fabricated for ExxonMobil PPG 
  • 215 Tons of Steel 
  • 689 Spools Totaling Over 13,500 Linear Feet 
  • Project Completed Safely and Successfully and On Schedule 

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