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Shell Geismar AOID-1 and Syngas Turnaround

In April of 2021, Turner Industries completed two turnarounds (The AOID-1 and Syngas) at the Shell Geismar facility. 

Turner was involved in all aspects of these two events including planning, prefabrication, and execution. 

Turner services utilized: Turnaround Planning and Execution, Pipe Fabrication, Crane and Rigging Services, Specialized Welding Services, Hydro-Blasting (TSS), COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services (TSS), and Bundle Extraction. 

Location: Geismar, Louisiana

project quick facts

  • Duration: 23 Days 
  • Peak Workforce: 500+ 
  • Hours Worked: 85,000 
  • Job Packages: 700+
  • Welds Completed: 2,109 
  • Weld Repairs: ZERO 

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