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Turner Industries Delivers ‘Turnkey Turnaround’ for Ascend Chocolate Bayou

Turner Industries recently completed successful turnaround work for Ascend Performance Materials’ Chocolate Bayou site in Alvin, Texas. The AN3 TA primarily focused on compliance-driven tasks, including a tower swap. Turner served as the main contractor, overseeing mechanical, scaffold, insulation, hydro blasting, specialized welding, and crane services. Turner’s workforce reached a peak of approximately 165 professionals who worked day and night shifts.

Turner managed to accelerate the project timeline by six shifts, a testament to its personnel’s efficient planning and execution strategies. Throughout the entire endeavor, the Turner team collected approximately 45,000 work hours, all while maintaining a strong safety record with zero injuries.

A notable achievement of the turnaround was the transition from an old column to a new one that had been prepared for service for several years. The startup of the unit proceeded without any leaks, showcasing Turner’s expertise in ensuring a smooth and reliable operational transition.

“Our successful completion of the Ascend AN3 TA not only highlights our strong technical capabilities but also—more importantly—our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards,” said George Walder, site manager for Turner Industries. “The way we were able to meet project deadlines and execute complex tasks shows why Turner is a leading provider of turnkey turnaround services in the Gulf South and beyond.”

George and the Turner team did an outstanding job in executing this TA. I appreciate the agility and teamwork between Ascend and Turner to act as partners to safely and effectively execute the event. The key to success was the trust that has been built across our teams.

Greg Blanchard, senior site director for Ascend Performance Materials

During the AN3 TA at Ascend’s Chocolate Bayou site, the Turner team tallied approximately 45,000 work hours with zero injuries. Turner managed to accelerate the project timeline by six shifts.

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