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Prometheus Group Expands Industrial Maintenance Software Suite with Acquisition of MobilOps from Turner Industries Group


Prometheus Group, a leading global provider of comprehensive and intuitive enterprise asset management software solutions, is excited to announce its acquisition of MobilOps, the integrated plant management and field operations software owned and backed by Turner Industries. The strategic move marks a significant milestone for both companies, positioning Prometheus Group to further advance their clients toward operational excellence.

Prometheus Group will integrate MobilOps into its comprehensive suite of solutions, reinforcing its commitment to providing cutting-edge enterprise asset management tools. This acquisition will allow Prometheus Group to not only grow its feature set and product footprint but also expand its customer base.

“The acquisition of MobilOps is an exemplification of our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industrial maintenance software space, and this move aligns with our mission,” said Eric Huang, CEO of Prometheus Group.

“Turner Industries has grown and nurtured MobilOps for the past decade and is confident Prometheus Group is the ideal partner to carry MobilOps forward with continued success,” said Stephen Toups, CEO of Turner Industries. “Prometheus Group’s expertise in the industrial maintenance software space is unmatched. This collaboration will result in a seamless transition for MobilOps’ clients while also taking care of their evolving needs.”

About Prometheus Group:
Prometheus Group is a leading global provider of comprehensive and intuitive enterprise asset management software solutions that work within enterprise resource planning systems and span the full work management life cycle for both maintenance and operations. Developed jointly with end users, Prometheus software enhances the customer experience for planning, scheduling, and executing work for both routine maintenance and shutdowns and turnarounds, all while protecting the workforce with safety solutions and electronic permit to work. For more information, visit

About Turner Industries Group:
For over 60 years, Turner Industries has provided turnkey industrial services and solutions to the companies that produce, fuel, energy, and the materials essential to modern life. Turner offers a “ONE Solution for Your Success” approach for heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnarounds, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services. For more information, visit

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