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Turner Industries Tops LSU ROARING 20 List


Turner Industries has earned the top spot on Louisiana State University’s 2023 LSU ROARING 20 list, which recognizes the 20 highest revenue-generating LSU graduate-owned or graduate-led businesses from all those that apply for the LSU 100 each year. The LSU 100 recognizes the fastest growing LSU graduate-owned or graduate-led businesses.

Turner Industries has deep ties to LSU, with several current executives and shareholders being graduates, as well as the company’s founder, the late Bert Turner. Bert’s wife, the late Sue Turner, received an honorary doctorate from LSU College Art & Design in 2017.

“Turner Industries is proud to be recognized as this year’s top LSU ROARING 20 company,” said Turner Industries CEO Stephen Toups, an LSU graduate. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, who are our greatest asset. As Turner continues to grow and expand, we are committed to creating more jobs and career opportunities for students and graduates. We are also dedicated to supporting the communities where we live and work, and to ensuring the future success of our industry and its workforce.”

For over 60 years, Turner Industries has provided turnkey industrial services and solutions to the companies that produce, fuel, energy, and the materials essential to modern life. We offer a “ONE Solution for Your Success” approach for heavy industrial construction, maintenance, turnarounds, pipe and module fabrication, equipment, rigging and specialized transportation, and associated specialty services.

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