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Turner Industries’ New Iberia facility is the cornerstone of our new Gulf of Mexico Operations. The facility has expanded our fabrication capacity and makes Turner the most capable module fabrication contractor. The site’s direct access to deep water and major interstates also means modules can be efficiently shipped across the country and offshore—allowing for upstream, midstream, downstream, and subsea fabrication. 

quick facts

  • 95-Acre Stabilized Fabrication Yard 
  • 420-Foot Primary Dock Capable of Accommodating 100-Foot-by-400-Foot Barges 
  • 12 Feet of Water Depth to Open Water 
  • 6,000-Ton Load Out Capability 
  • Combined 90,000 Square Feet of Indoor Fabrication Space 
  • 30,000 Square Feet of Indoor Storage Facilities 
  • Large Fabrication Shop Consists of Eight 20-Ton Overhead Cranes with 70 Foot Hook Height​ 
  • Small Fabrication Shop Consists of Two Bays with Four 10-Ton and Four 5-Ton Overhead Cranes 

The facility could fit 72 football fields within property lines.

Via the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, you could ship 923 elephants on one barge.

The largest fabrication bay could hold 5 Saturn V rockets, laying side by side.

Iberia Yard History


Forty-eight acres of sugar cane fields was cleared out for a new facility.  The space was then utilized to fabricate Arco Alaska’s GHX-2 Project. Among the largest ever built at the time, 26 modules totaling 36,712 tons were fabricated and barged to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.


Dynamic Industries acquired the yard’s assets and expanded the site’s footprint.

January 2003 – July 2004

El Paso Cameron Highway Project
Oil & Gas; Deepwater, Gulf of Mexico


Project Consisted of a 3,500-ton Production Deck for High Island A5C, a 1,500-ton Cellar Deck Module and a 2,500-ton Production Deck Module for Ship Shoal 332 B, and a 200-ton Bridge to Connect Ship Shoal 332 A & B Platforms.

Total Weight: 7,500 Tons

Man Hours: 587,000


March 2011 – June 2012

Vale Long Harbor Nickel Processing Plant
Newfoundland, Canada


25 Modules: 18 Equipment Modules and 7 Building Modules

Total Weight: 975 Tons

Man Hours: 900,000

Peak Headcount: 600

September 2015 – August 2017

Shell – Appomattox Modules
Oil & Gas; Deepwater, Gulf of Mexico


Total Weight: 3,300 Tons

Man Hours: 450,000

May 2019 – July 2020

LyondellBasell PO/TBA Project
Channelview & Bayport, Texas


43 Process & Pipe Rack Modules

Total Weight: 8,100 Tons

Man Hours: 750,000

Peak Headcount: 500


Turner Industries acquires the yards assets and headquartered the company’s Gulf of Mexico Operations at the site.

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3504 David J. Berard Road 
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 551-7200

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