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Specialized Transportation Group Hauls 60 Million Pounds of Steel

Specialized Transportation Group Hauls 60 Million Pounds of Steel

Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Over the past ten months, Turner’s specialized transportation group has successfully provided services for two major industrial projects. During this period, transportation crews have moved over 60 million pounds of steel in the form of pipe modules and pressure vessels.

Vessels and modules were moved on our Goldhofer PST/SLE Transporters. One of the pipe modules was 175′ in length and required a self-propelled modular transporter with 180′ of trailer deck. Other modules were 40′ in width and 50′ tall. All transports were completed with no incidents or injuries to our crews.

“Talk about logistics! Each project required over 600 hours dedicated to the engineering and logistics plan, including permit approval from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Additionally, the La DOTD required review of the soil and paving to accommodate tire loadings. Over 13 agencies were involved for the Specialized Heavy/Transport project over state roadways. On top of all this, barge and dock analysis were performed by our engineering staff for the loading of the pipe modules onto barges.” – Gary Blacketter, Turner Manager of Specialized Transportation and Rigging.

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