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A drone, or UAV, performing a job site inspection for TSS

Turner Specialty Services – NDE & Inspection

Turner Specialty Services’ (TSS) NDE and Inspection group has grown into one of the largest service providers of its kind on the Gulf Coast. Working at nested maintenance accounts across the country, TSS is committed to integrity and safety, having zero recordable injuries since inception at many of our job sites and client relationships spanning decades. A recognized leader in digital transformation, TSS utilizes innovative robotics and drones and the most advanced NDE inspection technology on the market. Using these advancements, TSS can lower the cost of ownership to our partners by reducing unnecessary inspections.


  • Mechanical Integrity
  • API and AWS Inspectors
  • SNT-TC-1A Certified Technicians
  • Advanced Ultrasonics – Automated UT
  • Phased Array, TOFD, TFM, and Bulk Wave
  • Computed and Direct Radiography
  • Tube Testing-EDDY Current
  • IRIS
  • Remote Field
  • UAV Inspection – Internal and External Drones with Thermography and OGI Capabilities Detecting 20-Hydrocarbon Gases
  • Guided Wave Short- and Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing
  • Rope Access NDE and Mechanical
  • Pulsed Array Eddy Current
  • MFL Tank Floor Inspection Equipment
  • LFET and SLFET Tank Floor and Pipe Inspection Equipment
  • 3D Laser Imaging
  • GE BIKE Robot with UT Thickness Capability
  • Inuktun Modular Robot
  • Zenith Automated Visual Robotic System

UAV inspections

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are one of the latest Inspection and NDE technologies offered by Turner Specialty Services (TSS). Drone inspections can be far safer than sending individuals out to do the work, especially when heights, possibly weakened structures, or confined spaces are involved. Drone inspections are also typically carried out in less time than other inspection methods. TSS can couple innovative UAV technology with traditional inspection methods by combining our UAV team with API inspectors to offer an all-inclusive, cost-efficient inspection. TSS also can provide 4K video, thermography, and optical gas imaging detection and monitoring on 20 industrial hydrocarbon gases—with a fleet of UAVs with multiple payloads.



NDE & Inspections

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