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Aerial of facility in Port Allen.

Port Allen Facilities

In 1983, Turner’s Pipe Fabrication Division established its headquarters in Port Allen, Louisiana. Port Allen is not only the base of operations for Turner’s Pipe Fabrication Division but also houses the company’s module yard, commonly referred to as the “415 Yard.” Situated along the intracoastal waterways, Turner Industries’ Port Allen facility offers a range of specialized services tailored to meet the complex needs of pipe and modular fabrication. The 415 Yard and the Pipe Fabrication Facility operate with efficiency, lending support to various industries.


Turner’s Port Allen module yard, also called the “415 Yard,” allows us to shift construction projects from the field to our facility. It includes 35 acres with a 24,000-square-foot module assembly building. The 415 Yard also features 1,100 feet of intracoastal waterway access. 


Industrial plants rely on efficiency and reliability to ensure operational systems are running as they should. Modular fabrication offers several benefits, including faster construction times, reduced costs, improved quality control, increased safety, and flexibility. 

These needs remain at the forefront of our module yard operations. With a commitment to adaptability, Turner’s facility in Port Allen meets your industry-specific needs with reliable workmanship and efficiency.


  • Contract Maintenance
  • Specialized Welding Services
  • Turnaround/Outage Execution
  • Project Control
  • Rope Access
  • Blasting and Painting
  • Certified ASME Code Facility
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Pipe Support Fabrication
  • Duct Work and Transition Fabrication
  • Specialty Alloy Work
  • Clean Room Fabrication
  • Pipe Rack and Process Modules
  • Subsea Modules
  • Assembly of Truckable and Barge Size Modules

Pipe Fabrication Facility

Turner’s Port Allen pipe fabrication facility opened in 1983. The facility includes 75 acres for pipe fabrication and painting and has a capacity of 6,500 spools per month. 

Comprehensive turnkey solutions are available to meet all your pipe fabrication needs, emphasizing our client satisfaction approach and continuous investment in innovation. The technology-driven pipe fabrication process streamlines services, offering a convenient one-stop shop experience. 

From initial engineering to final delivery, a dedicated team ensures timely and budget-friendly completion. Each project step is meticulously planned, and with access to deep water, interstate, and rail, delivery can be made anywhere in the world.

Focused on Your Needs

At Turner Industries, our approach, “ONE Solution for Your Success,” is designed to be responsive and innovative, helping to increase plant production, reduce costs, minimize downtime, and prevent shutdowns. This strategy is aimed at improving reliability, operational excellence, and reducing ownership costs.

Get IN touch

For inquiries or further exploration of the services provided at Port Allen, please reach out:


1144 Lobdell Hwy. S    
Port Allen, LA 70767    
(225) 214-2448


1700 S. Westport Dr.    
Port Allen, LA 70767    
(225) 381-9422


2180 Hwy. 1 South    
Port Allen, LA 70767    
(225) 343-4005

Discover more about the modular fabrication and pipe fabrication capabilities at Turner Industries’ Port Allen Facility. Contact us today to find out how our solutions can integrate with your industrial projects.

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