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An industrial site by the water.

Port Lavaca Facility

At Turner Industries, we understand that navigating the complexities of the industrial sector requires an industrial contractor in Port Lavaca with an industry-leading safety record, experience, and innovation. 

Our Port Lavaca facility provides the comprehensive industrial solutions your project deserves. We utilize a “ONE Solution for Your Success” approach, tailoring services specifically to your organization’s needs to propel your operations forward.

Driven by the Needs of Our Clients

Through a comprehensive array of services, from maintenance and turnaround to SIPA, Turner Industries offers streamlined solutions that can minimize overhead costs, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

Our Specialized Services

The Port Lavaca location offers a range of specialized services tailored to meet the unique demands of the petrochemical, refining, LNG, and various other industries. These services include:

Maintenance Services

Our commitment is to help each client achieve success. This is why we provide a complete range of services needed to operate a safe and efficient facility.

When you team up with Turner, we can provide pipe fabrication, construction, equipment, and other specialized services for integrated solutions. With our services and expertise, we can help minimize overhead and administrative load for our clients.

Turner Industries strives to lower ownership costs by streamlining the contracting process to enhance profitability. We operate with integrity, strong management practices, and a focus on building lasting partnerships with our customers.

Turnkey Turnarounds

Turner Industries is recognized for its shutdown, turnaround, and outage expertise. Our dedicated teams deliver comprehensive and precise turnkey solutions within our Specialized Welding Services (SWS) group. 

Success with any type of event work requires meticulous planning, scheduling, and execution. Our experienced managers, specifically trained for these events, can help you find success with your project. With a full suite of turnkey shutdown, turnaround, and outage services at your disposal, your site can consolidate projects and simplify operations to ensure minimal downtime and maximum success — no matter the size or scope. Turner’s turnaround services include:

  • Specialized Welding Services
  • Crane & Rigging
  • Industrial Services
  • NDE and Inspections
  • Rope Access
  • SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement)

Pipe Fabrication

As one of the leading privately owned pipe fabricators nationwide, Turner Industries delivers turnkey solutions that serve as a comprehensive hub for all your pipe fabrication requirements. Our growth stems from consistently meeting client needs and investing in innovation. We were the first to introduce induction bending in the U.S., and our cutting-edge real-time tracking system remains the standard in our industry.

Our technology-driven pipe fabrication process helps our clients find all the services they need in one place. From engineering to delivery, our aim is to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of every spool.

Equipment, Rigging, & Specialized Transportation

As a leader in specialized equipment, rigging, and transportation since 1961, our facility in Port Lavaca is equipped to meet your needs. Our vast inventory and tailored solutions equip your projects for success. Our extensive state-of-the-art equipment includes cranes, trailers, forklifts, innovative hydraulic gantry lift systems, and more.

With Turner Industries’ extensive inventory, competitive rates, and tailored solutions, we can fully equip your projects. Additionally, our specialized transportation services are equipped to handle challenging logistics and transportation projects. From oversized to heavyweight commodities, our in-house engineered fleet and seasoned team are ready to meet your organization’s needs.

Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, & Abatement (SIPA)

We understand the importance of maintaining your facility’s integrity and efficiency. That’s why our SIPA services — encompassing Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement — are designed with your needs in mind. From our Port Lavaca facility, we offer solutions that are tailored to address your project’s unique challenges. 

Our “ONE Solution” approach is designed to deliver services that are both effective and cost-efficient. Let our Port Lavaca location help you maintain your facility. 

Experience the Turner Industries Advantage

Choose Turner Industries as your industrial contractor in Port Lavaca for a partnership committed to your success. Our expansive array of services, combined with a strategic focus on reducing overheads and enhancing profitability, can give you an advantage in today’s competitive industrial landscape.

Reach Out to Us in Port Lavaca and Transform Your Operations

Contact Turner Industries today. Our Port Lavaca facility is ready to serve your needs and help you achieve your project goals.

Discover how Turner Industries can support your project.

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