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Exterior and sign at Geismar office.

Geismar Facility

Nestled in the heart of Louisiana’s energy corridor, Turner Industries’ Geismar, Louisiana office provides comprehensive maintenance and construction services to clients in Ascension Parish and beyond. Our mission is to ensure safety, efficiency, and long-lasting partnerships.

Company History and Values

Since our founding, Turner Industries has provided responsive, innovative solutions designed to increase plant production, reduce costs, reduce downtime, and even prevent shutdowns. Our reliable management and strong working relationships have enabled us to develop long-term partnerships with industry leaders in the Geismar area. We understand the importance of fostering a skilled workforce and prioritize employee safety, security, and growth.

Industrial Contractor Services in Geismar, Louisiana

At Turner Industries, we offer various industrial services to clients in Ascension Parish and the surrounding areas. Our expertise as industrial contractors in Geismar includes:

Maintenance Services

As a leading industrial contractor in Geismar, Turner Industries provides comprehensive maintenance services. We understand the importance of ensuring safe and efficient facility operations, and our experienced teams excel in delivering a wide array of solutions.

Our services, including pipe fabrication, construction, and crane and rigging, help streamline your operations and reduce administrative costs. We’re committed to lowering ownership costs through consolidated contracts. 

With Turner Industries, you can overcome operational challenges through expert, customer-focused solutions.

Turnkey Turnarounds (Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages)

Turner Industries’ turnkey turnaround services are designed to minimize your operational disruptions and maximize productivity. Our knowledge of industrial processes allows us to execute shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages with expertise. Our turnaround teams employ a meticulous approach and have robust project management skills, ensuring quick recovery of operations post-outage for our Geismar clients. 

We plan and execute events and offer a range of services, including: 

  • Specialized Welding
  • Crane & Rigging 
  • Industrial Services 
  • NDE & Inspections 
  • Rope Access 
  • SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement)

Focusing on customer needs, minimizing disruptions, and delivering efficient results—partner with Turner Industries for industry-leading solutions your business can rely on.

Construction Services

With a legacy of over six decades, Turner Industries has become a trusted industrial contractor in the refining, chemical, and petrochemical sectors of the Geismar area. Our expertise extends to offering a comprehensive range of construction services, from executing smaller capital projects to managing large-scale megaprojects. 

Our ONE Solution approach underscores our commitment to efficient communication and timely project completion. This strategy allows you to streamline processes, ensuring every project is executed within budget and according to schedule.

At Turner Industries, we relentlessly pursue quality work, adhering to the highest industry standards across our construction services. This dedication to these standards reflects our customer-centric mindset.

Pipe Fabrication Services

As one of the country’s largest privately owned pipe fabricators, we provide high quality pipe fabrication services. Our in-house fabrication facility utilizes the latest technology and advanced methodologies to meet all your pipe fabrication requirements. This commitment to precision and adherence to industry specifications ensures your project’s optimal performance and longevity of your piping infrastructure.

NDE & Inspection Services

At Turner Industries, we prioritize the integrity and reliability of your industrial assets. Our Turner Specialty Services’ NDE and inspection group evaluates and assesses your facilities and equipment. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as ultrasound, radiography, magnetic particle testing, and visual inspections, our certified inspectors identify potential issues before they escalate.

Our services extend beyond just inspections. We offer a broad range of specialized solutions, including API/CWI/NACE inspection, radiographic testing, and tubular exchanger testing. These comprehensive offerings help our clients make informed decisions about maintenance and repair. 

SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement) Services

Our SIPA services provide comprehensive, hands-on solutions for your facility’s needs. We specialize in scaffolding, insulation, painting, and abatement, ensuring your industrial facility is safe, efficient, and compliant with regulatory standards. We offer customized solutions to provide you with the quality and service your project deserves.

Ready to Experience World-Class Service From Turner Industries? 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and capabilities in Geismar, Louisiana. Allow our team to handle your industrial contracting needs and help your operations thrive.

Geismar Office Details

Our Geismar facility spans over 11 acres, featuring a dedicated scaffold yard and heavy equipment storage area—catering to the growing needs of our clients in the Geismar, Louisiana region.

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36122 Hwy 73 
Geismar, LA 70734
(225) 214-2677

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