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At Turner Industries, we understand each client’s goal to achieve reliability excellence. That’s why we deliver the full spectrum of services required to run a safe and efficient facility in the refining, chemical, petrochemical, energy, pulp and paper, and related industries.

Our value proposition is simple—lowering clients’ cost of ownership by providing one solution for their success. This is accomplished by safely providing more services than any other industrial contractor, thus allowing for reduced redundancies, resource leveling, total utilization of resources, and enhanced work processes and technology.

In addition to contract and predictive maintenance, Turner’s offerings include specialized welding services, turnaround execution, project management and controls, scaffolding services, and an array of specialty services.

When partnering with Turner, we can enlist pipe fabrication, construction, equipment, and related specialty services for a seamless solution. The more services we offer, the greater we reduce overhead and administrative burden for our clients.

Turner focuses on reducing the cost of ownership by managing the contracting effort in a consolidated way, increasing owner profitability. Our success is founded on our unique heritage plus integrity, solid management, and long-term partnerships with our customers.


  • Contract Maintenance
  • Specialized Welding Services
  • Turnaround/Outage Execution
  • Project Control
  • Rope Access
  • Capital Projects
  • Small Capital Projects
  • Bundle Extraction
  • Hydroblasting & Chemical Cleaning
  • Bolt Torquing
  • Catalyst Service
  • Non-Destructive Testing/Inspection Services
  • Innovation & Technology Based Services
  • Facility Management Services
  • SIPA (Scaffolding, Insulation, Painting, and Abatement)


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