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Turner Industries delivers the full spectrum of services required for safe and successful turnarounds, shutdowns and emergency outages in the chemical, petrochemical, refining and pulp & paper industries. Our successes are founded on a unique heritage, integrity, solid management and long-term, partnering relationships with our customers. Management and manpower stability, direct communication, responsive decision-making and maximum project control are trademarks of the Turnaround Division's award winning operations.


  • Bundle Equipment
  • Environmental
  • Heavy Hauling & Rigging Operations
  • NDE/Inspections
  • Open, Inspect & Repair
  • Piping & Valve Work
  • Scaffolding Equipment
  • Specialized Welding
  • Specialty Industrial Services


Successful turnarounds begin long before the execution stage with state of the art planning. The critical elements of successful turnarounds are Safety, Budget and Schedule. Turner Industries provides Turnaround Management Services which enable your company's project to be completed safely, within budget and on schedule.


  • Estimating, Budget Development
  • Planning/Scheduling
  • Project Control/Tracking
  • Subcontractor Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety

TRAMô Solutions

TRAMô Solutions is the overarching umbrella under which TRAMô Software and TRAMô Services are offered. TRAMô Solutions also provides secure and easy access to our clients for accessing the TRAMô Software application at: 

TRAMô Services

TRAMô Services provides subject matter expertise in facilitating improvement activities for managing industrial projects and turnarounds including: turnaround risk analysis modeling, process and governance compliance assessments, event preparedness evaluations, operations think tanks, turnaround process continuous improvement, asset reference planning and threat assessments.

TRAMô Software

TRAMô Software is a user-friendly web-based application used to identify and quantify budget compliance risk associated with the execution of industrial projects and turnarounds, facilitating a proactive approach to mitigate those risks. When TRAMô Software is used, dollars saved though mitigated risk can often be measured in the millions.


  • Elimination of Duplication
  • Consolidated Report
  • Integrated Delivery of Services
  • Activity-based Costing
  • Lower Overhead/Administrative Costs



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