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Houston Facility


Twenty miles southeast of downtown Houston, Turner’s Pasadena facilities sit in the middle of America’s energy capital. Our full-service operations work 24/7 to meet the area’s ever-expanding industry. The Pasadena complex includes a main administrative building, a personnel and training center, a pipe fabrication shop, and an equipment yard.

Personnel & Training Center

At the beginning of 2022, Turner opened our state-of-the-art personnel and training center in Pasadena. Built to better serve Turner’s Houston-area clients and employees, the 33,093-square-foot building is a “one-stop shop” for job candidates. 

Personnel & Training Center Quick Facts

  • 33,093 square feet
  • 3,500-square-foot craft training lab
  • Daily employee process capacity of 150+
  • On-site medical team
  • On-site safety council
  • On-site NCCER testing center

Pipe Fabrication Shop

In 2004, Turner expanded our pipe fabrication facilities to include Pasadena. The 75,000-square-foot pipe fabrication shop is designed to handle carbon steel and alloy fabrication and uses the same productivity and tracking system implemented at our other shops.

Pipe Fabrication Quick Facts

  • 75,000-square-foot manufacturing capacity
  • 3 production bays

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3850 Pasadena Blvd. 
Pasadena, TX 77503
(713) 477-7440

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